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This is a web-service that allows you to make your own deshwords and to solve other people's deshwords

Deshwords can be exported to offline or printable versions

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How to solve a deshword

Deshword is an alternative to a crossword

It is easy to make a deshword. All you need are words and clues.
It could be absolutely any words and clues.
Flexible configuration allows you to control the level of difficulty regardless of your words and clues.
During the making of a crossword you may encounter the following problems that a deshword is free of:

can't make a grid from specified words but you need exactly these words;

the grid is too sparse and it has too few crossings between words but you need more crossings;

grid looks ugly and unshapely but you need it to look pretty;

hints appear unintentionally in the crossings and not in the very best places but you need them to be obtained with an effort and on certain letters;

words are placed randomly but you need them to go in a certain order.